Get COVID-19 Vaccine Or Please Quit Zimbabwe Tells Government Workers

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The Toyota Yaris -- now offered as as both a sedan and a hatchback --  is an interesting exception: Because it's based on the Mazda2, it uses the MazdaConnect infotainment system. The Toyota Prius Prime is another exception. Though a 7-inch display is standard, a portrait-style 11.6-inch touchscreen is optional on certain trim levels (as well as on the standard Prius Limited). So, too, is the Toyota Supra's infotainment system an aberration: Because the reborn sports car is based on BMW technology, it uses iDrive software on either a standard 6.5-inch screen operated by a rotary controller or an 8.8-inch touchscreen.

The stylish 'Harlow' van is an automatic Toyota HiAce campervan that features a comfortable queen-sized bed to fit two people, kitchen utilities, fully functioning sink, 70L fridge/freezer, two stove gas burners and outdoor clip-on wooden table.

Living the dream! Mechanic buys a rusty old Volkswagen Kombi... Couple renovate a rundown 1963 caravan into their dream hair... 'Home is where we park it': Young couple who travelled... Inside our tiny home: Couple reveal how they've transformed...

'The cost can vary largely between builds depending on the addition of certain elements - such as 240-volt power, hot water system, and external additions like solar panels and fan vents - but I've easily made this back by renting the vans out on Camplify to Aussie holidaymakers,' Marcus said.

'We heard a lady in the back, behind our shop, screaming, screaming, screaming,' the shop owner told the news outlet. 'We called the cops and the cops came in and got on the roof and looked between the two walls and she's all naked.'

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While its rotating speakers are cool, the thing we liked best about Vizio's top-of-the-line soundbar is the sound. This Dolby Atmos system includes a subwoofer and rear-channel speakers, making it a sort of hybrid between a receiver-based system and a soundbar.

"We are not forcing you to be vaccinated but if you are a government employee, for the protection of others and the people that you are serving, get vaccinated," Ziyambi told private radio station ZiFM Stereo.

Officials are also uncertain how long the woman was trapped for. Nearby workers told they heard cries for help for 20 to 30 minutes before they were able to locate the woman, saying the noisy area made it hard to pinpoint the cries. 

The newest Subaru StarLink systems use fast processors to deliver nearly lag-free performance. Bold, clear, colorful menus and icons make operation a breeze. We're not crazy about the integrated navigation options, but you can always connect your phone if you prefer Apple or Google mapping.

Vaccines are now available to all adults in Zimbabwe, but supplies are scarce and clinics understaffed, especially in the capital Harare, where residents often have to queue up from early in the morning for the hope of a shot.

Sir Nick said as the government teetered on the verge of collapse he had been focused on 'giving confidence' to the country's military, which had been trained and equipped by the UK and US for two decades.  

'I really think that it is an illusion to believe that there is appetite amongst any of our partners for a continued military presence or for a military solution imposed by Nato in Afghanistan. That idea ended with the combat mission in 2014.

When it comes to bang for buck, it doesn't get much better than the Roku Streambar home theater system. This speaker offers both a dialogue-enhancing soundbar and a built-in 4K streamer in one package. If you want more bass, or surround speakers, the system is also upgradable. You can choose the speaker package.

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I'll come out and say it, 8K-compatible receivers are a mess right now. Aside from the fact that there's basically no 8K video available now, they're affected by a bug that prevents some 4K video sources from being played. Yet, there are , and there are workarounds, but if you want an 8K receiver right now, the Denon AVR-S960H is your best choice.

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If there's one thing we're spoiled for choice for it's affordable stereo speakers, and for music download $469 the bookshelf speaker 3030is offer excellent playback of both movies and music download. While the $350  are a lot cheaper and more transparent, the Q Acoustics are more even-handed and have better bass response. This makes the 3030i more suited to a home theater situation, especially if you're not using a subwoofer.

Toyota's support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is limited. From the 2019 model year onward, CarPlay is available on the Avalon, Camry, Corolla Hatchback, C-HR, RAV4 and Supra, as well as the 2020 Corolla. Android Auto is offered on the 2020 4Runner and Sequoia SUVs, as well as the Tacoma and Tundra pickups, and we're told it'll eventually be offered on other Toyotas, too.