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"We want to make sure that there isn’t a big gap if it turns out that we cannot go into production for a prolonged period of time," explains Santos, adding that while sales on the business-to-business side of Joybear Pictures has slowed slightly, with TV broadcasters around the world being a bit more tentative in purchasing content, sales of its films to distributors and websites have been strong. As with Hollywood production companies, Joybear Pictures has had to alter its release schedule and the release of new films. Coronavirus has created havoc in the entertainment industry, with production on films and TV shows shut down, and big releases delayed - and pornography What is fans only no exception. Coronavirus has created a sex toy boom. They’ve been having their moment thanks to coronavirus. I thought that was really interesting that it just broke down this wall that I didn’t feel like I put up, but it was easier for me to just be honest about all that stuff. Sex workers on the app are concerned that the platform’s censorship could bode poorly for them in the future, particularly in the context of other platforms like Instagram cracking down on even the faintest whispers of sex-positive content.